Headphone listening recommended.

Welltuned City

by Gail Priest

"there are no birds in this singing city ...
the birds can hear, and cannot bear."


Welltuned City comprises fragments of fiction and facts speculating about the sounds of an oasis city in the future.

Welltuned City has been adapted from the installation work Sounding the Future for continent journal's Acoustic Infrastructre issue. It employs a cross-modal format with the fiction presented as an audiovisual piece and the non-fiction shards as interlinked texts accompanied by soundtracks — music to read by. It is suggested you start with the video above.

Welltuned City forms one cluster of ideas from the larger body of work, Sounding the Future, which attempts to preference the aural over the visual when speculating about the future. In particular it asks, “What will art in the future sound like?” Sounding the Future has been presented as an interactive installation,  a radiophonic work and will manifest as an online/e-publication and curated group exhibition in 2017.


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