Sounding the Future: Radio Feature

A 3-part radio adaptation commissioned by ABC Radio National's Soundproof program.

Sounding the Future: Sound shot
In this cybernoir scenario you are invited to try the new drug—a sound shot. It comprises the sounds of an entire lifetime delivered all at once. This 'lifetime' has been siphoned through a quantum rift and is one of many alternate lives. But this 'borrowing' has consequences...
AIRED: Friday 23 September 2016
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Sounding the Future: Battery Life
In Battery Life the world is in an energy crisis. The solutions are small scale — biological and vibrational energy harvesting. In this scenario we join sound artist Emanuela and her friends as she taps her own body for the electricity to play her set in an underground dive bar.
AIRED: Friday 7 October 2016
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Sounding the Future: Green [glitch] zone
In Green [glitch] Zone a park in the not-too-distant future combines the real and the virtual. Its features include a synaesthetic fountain, illicit sono-grafiti and the ultimate act of rebellion - listening to the world unplugged.
AIRED: Friday 28 October 2016
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Thanks to Miyuki Jokiranta and the Soundproof team for commissioning the work.