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Artist Interviews (audio)

Guy Ben-Ary is an artist specializing in microscopy, biological & digital imaging, tissue engineering. His Main research areas are cybernetics, robotics and the interface of biological material to robotics.

Peter Blamey's work explores themes of sound and energy, and the reimagining of technology through questioning accepted notions of connectivity, variability and use.

Michaela Davies is a cross-disciplinary artist whose creative practice is informed by an interest in the role of psychological and physical agency in creative processes and performance.

Robin Fox is a audiovisual artist working with lasers to synchronize sound and visual electricity in hyper-amplified 3D space.

Cat Hope is classically trained flautist, vocalist, improviser, experimental bassist and composer. She is an active researcher in the area of music archiving, digital art, graphic scores and electronic music performance.

George Khut is an artist, academic and interaction-designer working with biofeedback technologies to create intimate, body-focussed interactive artworks experiences.

Pia van Gelder develops performances and installations by working with media machines, both custom built heirloom technologies like the audio-video modular synthesizer.


Artist speculations (audio)

Speculative desires

Sonic hegemonies

Augmented hearing (pt1)

Sense x-linking

Sound vs vision


Featuring the artists above with additional commentary by:

Peter Hollo (AU) (AKA raven) - musician, composer, science fiction connoisseur
Matt Cornell (AU) - Choreographer, Composer, Dancer
Hamish Innes-Brown (AU) - Early-Career Research Fellow at the Bionics Institute
Mamoru (JP) - Text and sound, both real & imagined
Jin Sangtae (SK) - Musician working with the sound of discarded hard drives curator of dotolim


Future now (text)

Augmented hearing (part 2)


The Omega Point

Substrate independence

Population projections

The Unsettled

Oasis cities

We built the future and no one came

Body Sound Art

Vibrational harvesting

Quantum queries