Future city


Welltuned city

The city hums,
more felt than heard.
The city creaks and shreiks.
The city pings and zings and shivers
in endless iterations only the algorithm knows...

You can access the full cluster of Welltuned City here developed as an online multimodal reading experience for the journal continent, themed 'Acoustic Infrastructures'.


Stasis shifts

Too many people
too much sound
too many vibrations

The city shakes
infrastructure cannot cope
– we are destabilized.


Sensory stack overflow

Some call it the big flash,
others the last blast.
A synaptic burn out
of the audiovisual bandwidth,
pumped and pimped and overloaded
by the buy sell
and sell buy.


Park life

In the cities of our future
Green buildings instead of grey...

But while we wait for our archibiotic enclaves to grow,
will there still be small patches
between concrete and highway
where we sit and dream?