Future Human


Entity of Audio Reality

Yes We were. 

Now We are.
 wore heavy on us,
flesh and organs finite.
We chose to let go
and become
the wave.


Battery life
We're running on empty,
everything sucking power
from everything else.
It’s a lossy cycle
but so far it keeps on turning.


Omega Point Band

When all the minds are uploaded
will we be together again?
When all the minds are uploaded,
will we all “know” the same thing?
And all equal in knowledge,
will this knowing be enough?


Sound shot

To look in an instant,
to listen over while.
Sound takes time.





In the wolf thickets
Back then there were XX sounds
Though the loudest still hard to hear

over the dominant roar of the XY.

It would perhaps still be the same
had it not been for the Syndrome.


Sonic Skinning

Yes, almost anything is possible
in this auged-up world...

So let us clip on our externals
reboot out intraneurals
and hit shuffle play on our augmented future.